We moved into a new beautiful office in
Newton Highlands.

1170 Walnut street, suite 4, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
(1st floor left).


It is only 1 mile away from the old location.
The new office is fully ADA accessible.

We are next to the Newton Highlands T-station.

Acupuncture Specialties Group is a group of highly trained licensed acupuncturists offering acupuncture care in a variety of medical specialties. Specialization allows us to deliver superior care to our patients.

Acupuncture Specialties Group is affiliated with ACUPUNCTURE AND PHYSICAL THERAPY INSTITUTE

Since its foundation by Stas Gavronsky, M.S., Lic. Ac. in 1993, ASG has had a mission of increasing clinical standards in acupuncture care. We have made a contribution to acupuncture and have improved clinical outcomes for our patients through innovations in electro-acupuncture and acupuncture delivery systems. Specific areas where we excel are: pain control, orthopaedics, and women’s health.

Another way ASG strives to increase clinical outcomes is through development and clinical application of the most efficient models in Integrative Medicine. Our rehabilitation program, for example, synergistically integrates acupuncture with Physical Therapy treatments for better and faster results.

ASG and its president, Stas Gavronsky, hold a number of patents for acupuncture methods and devices. These innovative tools enable us to provide unique and effective therapies for our patients.

ASG is involved in education and research. We conduct seminars on acupuncture medicine for physicians, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nurses and medical students. ASG’s current clinical study is on post operative pain comparing traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and routine care.

Acupuncture and Physical Therapy = Powerful Combination

Applied together, acupuncture and specialized manual Physical Therapy create a powerful synergy. This combination produces quick, reliable results by effectively addressing structural, energetic, metabolic, circulatory, and neurological aspects of many neurological/orthopedic/rheumatic disorders.