When I first came to see Stas, I had been suffering from acute sinus attacks since the age of 10. They were getting worse and triggering terrible migraine headaches. I had an operation for deviated septum and been on more antibiotics than anyone I knew. Traditional medicine didn’t work. Acupuncture Specialties group did! I have been pain free and headache free for 6 years now. Stas cured me, plain and simple. Run, don’t walk, to make an appointment.
- Nancy Robinson, Executive Director, NPO

"Thank you very much for the great job you have done with acupuncture. I will always remember it"
- Oksana Baiul, 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist

"Thank you for your help and support though acupuncture. I appreciate it greatly."
- Chip Knight, 2-times World Junior Olympic Champion.

"I came to Stas Gavronsky for acupuncture after reading that it could help chronic pain. I have found it a blessing. The nearly constant pain has been drastically reduced."
—Margaret Winslow, therapist

"I am convinced that acupuncture has been the only thing that helped me. Who knows how much longer I would have been miserable without acupuncture."
- Alan, writer

"Acupuncture is the key to pain management for my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms. Stas has a gift and I am thankful that I have found him and acupuncture to help manage my pain."
—Ann Langenfeld, teacher

"I saw Stas Gavronsky at APTI for treatment of a longstanding orthopedic issue and found that he brings a rare thoughtfulness and an acute diagnostic mind to his work. This, combined with his warmth and commitment to his clients, make me unhesitant to give him my highest recommendation."
—John Leon, MD, PhD

"APTI uses acupuncture and PT synergistically to optimize biomechanical, neurological, and immune health. It is truly an ideal marriage of medical approaches toward holistic health."
—Eugene Tunik, PhD, PT

"I had severe sciatica for four months, which did not respond to any traditional therapies. Miraculously after only four acupuncture treatments, I regained sensation and the pain was relieved. What a gift!"
—Ellen Bassuk, MD

"I thought I might never be happy again... After six sessions I was completely pain free, for the first time in four months; I can go running and do high impact aerobics, thanks to Stas Gavronsky and acupuncture"
- Meredith Manigat,Student

"It worked for me. It worked for many people whom I know personally... Without question, Stas does an excellent job with acupuncture and herbal medicine"
Igor Burdenko, Ph.D. in Sports Medicine